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Ssf 2.0
Flexible Search of Similar Files and Duplicates
As a rule in the process of work there appear a lot of versions and editions of the same files. The Ssf utility will find them, even if they are in the most distant and rarely visited parts of your hard disk. The degree of similarity can be different - from simple equality of names up to full concurrence of file contents.
Screenshot of Ssf Utility
Set the source and target groups of files. Source group of files contains the files for which the search of similar files is made. Target group of files contains the files among which the search of files similar to those from the source is made. Groups can be organized differently - from one file up to several disks.
You may also set the criteria of file similarity. The combination of criteria may be absolutely different.
To limit the range of scanned files you may set the filters for file inclusion and exclusion.
Find the files in the target group similar to the files from the source group. The found similar files are added to the lists in order of their finding. The indication of the search process shows what part of source group files has already been processed.
The found similar files are shown in two lists. The source group files in the upper list and the target group files in the lower list.
Files from both lists can be sorted by any column.
You may set the display of relationship between the lists. In this case when you select a file in the source group list, in the target list only files similar to it according to the chosen criteria of similarity will be shown and selected.
Delete or Move
All or selected found similar files of the target group can be deleted from disk or moved to the specified folder.
1. You may set source and target groups of files for search of similar files.
2. Criteria of file similarity may be set in any combination.
3. Filters for inclusion and exclusion of files.
4. Selective deletion and moving of files.
5. Search of similar files among the already found files.
6. Adjusted viewing of found similar files.
7. Simple and friendly user's interface.
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