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AX-ZIP Archiver
Screenshot of AX-ZIP Archiver Almost every day you probably archive files to decrease space that they occupy on a hard disk or to e-mail them.
Has it ever occurred to you that for creating archive or adding files into it you should do too many operations? And there could be less questions to answer, right? And you rarely use the advanced options of archiving? And in most cases the format of archives is zip? If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then AX-ZIP Archiver is just what you need. This is the easiest, simplest and fastest way of creating a zip-archive, adding or extracting files from it. Any operation involves only one drag. It's so easy that even your mother can do it.
AX-ZIP Archiver - exactly what you need, no excess.
AX-ZIP Finder
Screenshot of AX-ZIP Finder How can you quickly find the files packed in different archives and scattered in different folders? Easily extract archive by archive? All this can be done with the help of AX-ZIP Finder: you should only mark the necessary folders and set the mask for search of files.
To extract files from archive you won't need additional utility extractor - any file or the whole folder can be extracted by one drag.
Search of Similar Files
Screenshot of Ssf Utility You have a lot of similar files stored on different disks and in different folders? Get rid of the mess once and for all with the help of Ssf utility. It is a quick and easy way to find similar files and duplicates to put them in order.
And the most important thing is that you don't need to scan the whole disk for this purpose.
Binary Comparison of Files
Screenshot of Bcf Utility You want to compare the content of two files in binary mode? Bcf utility will help you to do this task quickly and easily with single bit accuracy. You can also compare separate parts of the file starting from arbitrary shifts.
Besides you can save the found discrepancies for further analysis, as well as selective edit one file using the second one as a master.
October 10, 2016
AX-ZIP Finder 4.2 x64 is Now Available
AX Systems announces the release of AX-ZIP Finder 4.2 x64, a 64-bit version of AX-ZIP Finder 4.2. ...
September 26, 2016
AX-ZIP Archiver 4.2 x64 is Now Available
AX Systems announces the release of AX-ZIP Archiver 4.2 x64, a 64-bit version of AX-ZIP Archiver 4.2. ...
June 30, 2016
AX-ZIP Extractor 4.2 x64 is Now Available
AX Systems announces the release of AX-ZIP Extractor 4.2 x64, a 64-bit version of AX-ZIP Extractor 4.2. ...
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