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IceXX 2.0
Any Icon at One-click
Exploring the world of Windows with the help of IceXX utility you will discover a great number of various icons that are either contained in files or are associated with them.
You will be able to extract and save as a file any of them.
Screenshot of IceXX Utility
Choose file or folder - all icons that are in them or are associated with them will be shown.
Icons can be viewed in two modes - as Small Icons or Large Icons.
In each mode the name of file, that contains the icon or is associated with it, is shown together with the icon.
In Inside Details mode each image of the icon can be viewed separately with its original sizes and color depth.
Additionally you may switch on the display of icon indexes - zero-based indexes or resource identifiers of icons inside files or system image list.
To extract an icon you should simply select it and push "Extract" button on the toolbar.
After it you should type the name of file in which the extracted icon will be saved and choose the image file format - ICO or BMP.
1. View and extraction of icons from files.
2. View and extraction of icons associated with files.
3. Viewing and extraction of all images or only selected images of an icon.
4. View of icons inside of the whole folder at one-click.
5. Saving of files as ICO or BMP.
6. Familiar Explorer-like user interface.
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