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Bcf 3.0
Fast Comparison with the Maximum Accuracy
It is the simplest way to compare two files quickly and easily - just follow several one-click steps. The utility is indispensable for all users who simply want to learn if the files, they are interested in, are different or not. Professionals can investigate in details file discrepancies at specific addresses with single bit accuracy.
Screenshot of Bcf Utility
Open two files for comparison. The type of files (internal format) can be different - comparison is made in binary mode. If the sizes are different, comparison will be made according to the length of a smaller file. You can specify arbitrary shifts for every file, as well as limit comparison to certain file fragments.
Compare the opened files. The found discrepancies will be shown immediately. Indication of comparison process shows, what part of files has already been processed.
The differing bytes can be shown as decimal, hexadecimal, octal or binary numbers. The code for viewing can be changed again and again - it does not require recomparison, the lists of the found discrepancies are simply updated.
The discrepancies found in compared files can be saved for further analysis. For this purpose you can export the found discrepancies to Excel, save them as a text, CSV or XML file or print.
You can selectively edit one file using the second one as a master.
1. Byte-by-byte comparison of files of any format.
2. Comparison of files starting with arbitrary shifts.
3. The possibility to compare the fragments of defined length.
4. Viewing of the found discrepancies in any code.
5. Selective editing of one file using the second file as a master.
6. Saving of the results in a text, CSV or XML format.
7. The possibility to export the results into Excel.
8. Printing of the found discrepancies.
9. Convenient and flexible viewing of the comparison results.
10. Easy and user-friendly interface.
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