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AX-ZIP Archiver 4.2
Working with Archives is Simple
AX-ZIP Archiver allows to work with ZIP archives as easy as to move files between folders in Windows Explorer.
AX-ZIP utility views ZIP archives and archives of other types as folders containing folders and files whose structure is shown as a tree. Thus the root folder of archive will be displayed as an icon associated with archives of that type.
AX-ZIP Archiver working space is made up of two windows - Archive Browser and File Browser.
Archive Browser contains a tree representing the structure of disks, folders and archives - files with extension of supported archive types. To open archive one should simply click "+" sign situated on the left of archive name.
File Browser shows full structure of disks, folders and files.
All operations in AX-ZIP Archiver concerning archive management involve dragging of items from one window to the other.
Screenshot of AX-ZIP Archiver
Create Archive
Select the necessary file or folder in File Browser and drag it to the target folder or disk in Archive Browser. That's all - archive is named after the item on the basis of which it has been created.
Add Files
To add files to an archive just drag the necessary files or folders from File Browser into the target archive or its folder in Archive Browser.
Extract Files
To extract files from archive select the necessary archive or its item (file or folder) in Archive Browser and drag it into the target folder or disk in File Browser.
You can easily rename and delete files or folders in the archives or create new folders in archives.
Moreover, AX-ZIP Archiver is a simple file manager that allows to rename and delete files or folders and also create new folders.
1. Full support of ZIP archives.
2. Extraction from CAB, RAR, JAR, XAP, ACE, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR and 7Z archives.
3. Extraction from ISO images (ISO 9660 and ISO 13346 "UDF").
4. Strong AES encryption (with key length of 128, 192 and 256 bits).
5. Simultaneous work with several archives.
6. One drag creation of archives and adding of files.
7. One drag extraction of files from archive.
8. Deletion and renaming of files and folders in the archive.
9. Creation of folders in the archive.
10. Search of archives and files within the archives.
11. Bookmarks for archives and files in the archives.
12. Support of cloud drives and special folders.
13. Support of main file manager functions.
14. Windows Shell integration.
15. Support of drag and drop technology.
16. Display of archive structure as a tree.
17. Familiar Explorer-like user interface.
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